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Our Company :

In 1977, four young women from Liège decided to embark on a new adventure : the creation of a bookstore dedicated to kids and youth, a space where you can take your time, the time to live, discover and meet.

These four pioneers allowed youth literature to get respectability. First bookstore of that kind in Liège, « La Parenthèse » defends books that leave their mark on imagination, educate and make laugh children and parents alike.

The concept continues on for over 35 years, and the environment evolved to give you a pleasant welcome : on 400m2, our warm and exceptional space is divided in 3 main departments.

  • - First, the one dedicated to games and educational toys, both ludic and ethic. Early learning and discovery items for the little ones, creation and imitation games, to discover within your family or between friends. The pleasure to play and learn is essential in our choices, as well as the respect of a fundamental ethic as regards manufacture, proximity of production and the values we defend as regard as respect of education.


  • - The first floor of our shop welcomes you to introduce you to our youth literature department, one of the biggest in Wallonia. Here too, the albums, documentary books, novels and comic books are chosen with a constant concern to meet your expectations for your children discovery, pleasure to read, see, touch and discover quality books.


  • - Finally, our school books department for kindergarten and primary schools, as well as orthoepy material and items is growing considerably. You will find excellent advices, time and space to consult manuals, referentials and the different learning mediums.

Our animation space : We opened a space to integrate even more the culture and animation in our choices and desires : exhibitions, discovery training courses, animations with authors,...

But what could be this concept without the enthusiasm and the tenacity of our passionate team who carries it ? Our conselors play, read, analyse every aspect of the items we'll propose to you in our store. All our knowledge is there : the counselors who select books, albums, games, toys ... with this beautifull ethic.

We care a lot about our new online shop, but, above all, we want to transmit our enthusiasm for youth literature, for quality games and toys for all ages, for our keen interest and respect of educational methods, as well as the contribution of orthoepy in this field. We wish you benefit our advices, critics and above all, our favourites, tested and approved for you.



Two and a half years, we keep finding one's bearings, move in and shift the furnitures...
Everything's not perfect yet...and our legs had to adjust with the two floors...



For almost a year, « La Parenthèse » moved in her new headquarters ! Books, games and decoration are now fitting in this new gleaming place. A lot of animations, readings, game hours, late-night closings, creative workshops are organised almost every week.
To have and idea of the past animations, discover our Picture Gallery. And if you wanna know the schedule for the next weeks, go to our Agenda Section.


October 2008, La Parenthèse moves out !

After a patient renovation of an old house in Carmes Street, La Parenthèse settled down on three floors, giving to our books and games, the casket they deserve.

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