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Our Sale Conditions :

Article 1 : Preamble

- The present sale conditions are concluded, on one hand, by the company « La Parenthèse SA » whose head office is located 4000 Liège, 24 Carmes Street, registered to « Banque Carrefour des Entreprises » under the number 0417523184 hereafter named « the seller » and, on the other hand, by any natural or legal entity wishing to make a purchase via the seller website, named hereafter the « buyer ».


Article 2 : Object

- The present sale conditions aim to define the contractual relations between the seller and the buyer as well as the applicable conditions for every purchase made through the seller's website, wether the buyer is professional or simple consumer.

- The acquisition of goods or services through this website involves an acceptation unreservedly by the buyer of the present sale conditions.

- These sale conditions prevail on every other general or particular non expressly agreed by the seller.

- The seller reserves the right to modify his sale conditions at anytime. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the buyer's order.


Article 3 : Goods & Services Caracteristics

- The goods & services offered are those who appear in the catalogue published on the seller's website. Every item comes with a description established by the supplier.

- The pictures of the catalogue are the most faithfull to reality but can't assure a perfect similarity with the product, in particular for the colors.

- These goods & items are offered while stock lasts. If, in spite of our efforts, the items, in all or in part, are unavailable, the seller informs the buyer by e-mail as soon as possible and offers him the possibility to choose between waiting or cancel the order of the unavailable item(s) with no fee. The items available will be delivered normaly.


Article 4 : Price Lists

- The products & services prices displayed on the website are indicated in Euros, all taxes included (TVA and other applicable taxes).

- The seller reserves the right to modify his prices at anytime. None the less, the applicable prices for the order are those in force at the moment of the confirmation.

- The prices specified don't include the fees for order processing, transport and delivery as far as they take place in the geographical area detailed hereafter.


Article 5 : Geographical Areas

- The online sale of goods & services presented on the seller's website is reserved for buyers who reside in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and for the deliveries required in these geographical areas.


Article 6 : Orders

- The buyer who wishes to buy a good or service must necessarily :

- Fill in the identification form where he'll indicate all the contact details asked or give his client number if he has one.

- Fill in the online order form by giving all the references of the goods or services chosen.

- Validate his order after checking it.

- Make the payment within the scheduled condition.

- Confirm his order and payment.

- The order confirmation involves the acceptation of the sale conditions, the ackowledgment of ?????????

- All the datas given and the confirmation registered will apply as a proof of transaction. The confirmation will apply as a signature and accepation of the operations made before.

- The seller will send a confirmation e-mail for the registered order.


Article 7 : Right of Renunciation

- According to the law, the consumer has the right to notify to the seller that he gives up his purchase, without penality and motive indication, within the next 14 working days after the following day of delivery or the conclusion of the service contract. This renunciation doesn't belong to the professional buyer.

- Within the time limit, the consumer must notify his intention to give up by e-mail and return, at hos own expense and risks, the product delivered to the Parenthèse Head Office, 24 Carmes Street at 4000 LIEGE.

- The products must be returned in their original packing, undamaged, with all the accessories, instruction manual as well as the original invoice/delivery note.

- The products returned can't be unpacked, unsealed or used in any way. The goods incomplete, damged or soiled won't be accepted.

- Within 30 days, after accepation of the product's return, the seller commits to refund the evntual payment, excepted for the delivery fees


Article 8 : Methods of Payment

- The payment has to be made with a bankcard, Visa or Mastercard. The items ordered remain our exclusive property until we receive the complete payment from the buyer.


Article 9 : Deliveries

- The deliveries are made at the adress mentioned on the order form, which has to be in the agreed geographical area.

- The goods are carried at the seller own risk until they are delivered at the adress mentioned by the buyer. From this moment, the buyer takes responsabilty of all risks. The delivery time limit is given as an indication ; if it exceeds 30 from the order, the sale contract can be cancelled and the buyer repaid.


Article 10 : Guarantee

- Towards the consumers, the seller guarantees the products he sells and the services provided according to the law of the first September 2004 relative to the consumers protection in case of the sale of consuming goods (articles 1649 bis to 1649 octies of the Civil Code).

- In case of nonconformity of a product sold observed within two months after the product delivery, the consumer must notify it to the seller as soon as possible in a precise way by recorded letter or email.

- This guarantee only covers the conformity flaws existing at the delivery moment. Flaws or damages due to a wrong use, such as water damage, oxidation, fall or shock, negligence and wear, are not covered by the guarantee. Just as repairs made by technicians unapproved by the producer will lead to the guarantee cancellation.

- The invoice or the delivery note will act as a guarantee title and must be conserved by the consumer (only originals).

- If the product isn't for private use, the producer's conditions of limited guarantee are in force.


Article 11: Responsibility

- The seller, in the online sale process, is only bounded by an obligation of means; his responsibility couldn't be engaged for a damage resulting of the use of the internet network, such as data loss, intrusion, virus, service break, or any other unintentional problem.

- The datas resumed on this website are given in good faith. The links to producer's websites are given for informative reasons. The seller can't be responsible of the informations given on these websites.


Article 12: Intellectual Property

- All the elements of the seller's website are and remain his exclusive intellectual property.

- Nobody is authorized to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use for any reason, even partially, of the website's elements wether they are programs, visuals or acoustics.

- Any simple link or hypertext is strictly forbidden without a written consent of the seller.


Article 13: Personal Datas

- All the personal datas required for the treatment of an order are conserved by the seller or his associates and can be transmitted to the companies in business with the seller if necessary for the treatment of the order.

- The user also authorizes the seller to use these datas in order to establish statistics to improve the website, the goods and the services proposed.

- This information can also be used to allow the diffusion, by any mean of communication, of the relative informations to commercial activities between the seller and his clientele.

- The seller also preserves the datas in order to ease the following orders.

- For the rest, the seller commits not to divulge the informations in his possession to any other company.

- All the datas conserved by the seller can be asked and corrected on simple request.


Article 14: Proof

- The parties accept, under their relations, electronic proof means (for example: emails, computer backups,...).


Article 15: Dispute Settlement

- The present sale conditions are under the Belgian law.

- In case of dispute, the head office courts are competent, except for restricting public order measures.


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